About us

Crèche Millepattes existed since 2003. We look back on many beautiful years and on many children who grew up with us. Through this experience and constant development, we know what children need to feel comfortable and happy.
It is particularly important for us that children spend their time in a friendly environment. This means for us:
  • a house with its outdoor space, where the children can play, discover, and experiment in complete safety,
  • take each child as they are, with their individual and particular needs, and support them as best as possible in cooperation with the parents-
  • a stable, professional and multilingual team who enjoys working with young children.

Our concept

We start from the principle that each child is unique and learns to understand the world in their own way; because the first years of a child's life are particularly distinguished by the understanding of how a child learns, we do not limit us to one specific pedagogy.
It is up to us, in cooperation with the family, to shape the supervision and education of the child according to their needs, which is why we offer a non-formal education.
Additionally, important characteristics and principles are:
  • Give children the space and opportunities where their entire development can be enhanced.
  • Discover and explore the world with all your senses.
  • Learning through exploration and play.
  • Well-being, joy and recognition.
  • Autonomy and freedom.
  • Diversity and an inclusive approach.
  • A balance between openness and structure.
  • Support and learn together.
Do not hesitate to ask us for our entire concept which is freely available.


Nature, as an educational tool (play and learning), plays an important role for us and combines very well with the non-formal education.
We go out every day, in all seasons and in all weathers (except in the event of storms or excessively high temperatures).
We have a very large outdoor area with sand and mud areas, various swings, slides and climbing frames, cabins, wicker cabins, etc. This space is designed so that children and babies can spend as much time there as they wish. Even our daily and educational activities are transferred outside as often as possible.
Our group of the children aged between 2 and 4 years old are almost every morning in the forest which we reach in 15 minutes. Here we have places that are familiar to children, and they always discover new ones.
In the municipality there are many possibilities to connect the days with nature, for example visiting the farm, all kinds of public play areas, etc.
Our groups
Our house of +- 500 m², entirely equipped for children, includes:
  • D'Blumewiss - 13 children from 0 to 2 years old
  • In Wiichtelland: 8 children aged 1.5 to 4 years
  • Am Märchebesch: 13 children aged 2 to 4 years old
The groups are formed according to the age and needs of the children. Each group has its own rooms arranged according to the age of the children.
The 1st floor is entirely reserved for children aged 0 to 2 years old. 2 open plan rooms with great views of the outdoor area, bathroom, changing room and 3 further rooms for sleeping and relaxed activities.
On the ground floor there are 3 group rooms, for children aged 1.5 to 4 years, where they encounter different spaces, for example a large creative space, a role play space, places for hiding and resting, book and building corners, space to move and climb etc. Next door, the children will find their changing room, their bathroom and direct access to the outside.
Our 2nd floor and lower are not accessible to children. There is equipment for the team and a kitchen for distributing meals.

Our team

A stable, multilingual and professional team is important for the child and his family. We guarantee a loving and quality environment in which our individual skills, our continuing education and our important values ​​enrich our work.
We are:

Carole - Director since 2003 / Qualified educator
Languages : LETZ, FR, DE, ENG
Nathalie / Qualified educator
Languages: LETZ, FR, DE, ENG
Suzana / Qualified educator
Languages: LETZ, FRA, PORT, ENG
Mersida / Qualified educator
Languages: LETZ, DEU, FRA , HRV
Odile / Nature coach
Languages: LETZ, FRA, DEU, ENG
Natalia / Graduate in the field of art and motor skills
Languages: LETZ, FRA, DEU, UKR, RUS
Lise / Graduate in the field of communication and languages
Languages: FRA, PORT, ESP LETZ

Sarah / Care assistant
Languages: FRA, DEU

Linda / in training in the educational field
Languages: LETZ, FRA, DEU, ENG

Helmut / Care assistant
Languages: DEU, LETZ, ENG

Jhovana / Care assistant
Languages FRA, ENG, SPA